About Us

Welcome to ABBA CEDAR GROWS where we connect you.. ABBA CEDAR GROWS is an online portal that connect users together, in exchange of services and wages. Today the society is in high demand for professionals who has the ability to deliver qualitative services.Therefore ABBA CEDAR GROWS Serge the opportunity in providing a platform to both employees and employers.

ABBA CEDAR GROWS also render professional advices and consultancy on different field of profession, thus educating skilled workers on how to negotiate and interact with their clients or employer. ABBA CEDAR GROWS also render an online marketing or advertisement services to users. These enable users to advertise their product, properties and services.

ABBA CEDAR GROWS also render seminars to skilled labourers in different part of the world. Educating them on the legalities of their job or profession.


To be an online platform generally dedicated to services

To be reliable and transparent in offering quality service to society.

To create fast, easy, convenience and reliable atmosphere to users.


To be an online platform, generally dedicated to integrating service providers to information and communication technology system.


In other to meet up with 100% needs of our users, our services is 24hrs, 7days and zero charge’s

We take the stress from our users, by saving their time and resources

We are knowledgeable of products before making advertisement.


A- Accountable to services
B- Bestowing trust
B- Be-all &
A- Applying professionalism